Thursday, February 3, 2011

One year later

I'm not sure why I stopped writing. Things became and continue to be so horrific that even writing no longer helped. I questioned whether publishing my family's problems online would help matters at all. Since my last post, over a year ago, my son has entered into a drug induced psychosis, brought on by stimulant and cannabis drug abuse. Never heard of that condition? Google it and learn about the depths of despair our family has reached. I plan on writing more details later, but essentially he was admitted into a psychiatric ward last year for a six week period. Following his treatment, we went through an okay period with him, where we desperately hoped things were getting better. Then this past Christmas, he began using stimulants and cannabis again, sending him back into a psychosis. On Monday, a psychiatrist is visiting our home to determine whether he meets the requirements for another involuntary admittance to a psych ward, and we will try again. The worst thing about his current condition is how alone I feel. Before, there were so many parents to commiserate with about my son's addiction; however, very few people have even heard of, let alone know someone who has experienced this horror. I use to believe that there could be nothing worse than a child addicted to drugs. I was wrong. I think I have decided to write again to hopefully educate other people about what a drug induced psychosis is, and what the signs are, because the earlier the intervention the better the outcome. It may be too late for my son to be helped, but if my words help one other family, it will be worth sharing our awful experience.